Before, During, And After SculpSure

Before, During, And After SculpSure

Conroe TX Body Contouring Treatment

SculpSure is an innovative procedure which uses laser treatment for non-invasive body shaping of your flanks and abdomen.

Before SculpSure

Before you decided to do SculpSure, you probably have tried and failed to lose the extra pounds through diet and exercise. Most likely you’ve refrained from sweets and engaged in sweating activities with little to no results. You may have the feeling of complete failure or “I’ll never look as good as I did before I had my babies.” Instead of giving up, you decide to give SculpSure a try. You decide to contact Solace Women’s Care to learn more and schedule your first appointment to develop a customized treatment plan that will be designed to meet your personal goals.

During SculpSure

Your SculpSure treatment to treat your problematic fat will take less than 30 minutes. Your body reacts to the non-invasive specialized light therapy by eliminating the disrupted fat cells. The treatment targets your adipose tissue in your flanks and abdomen. During your treatment you will remain awake and typically experience a mild level of discomfort or a warm, tingling sensation.

After SculpSure 

Unlike most other sculpting treatments, SculpSure has no recovery time afterward. There is no downtime associated with this procedure. Most women experience results as quickly as 6 weeks with optimal results typically achieved in as few as 12 weeks. You will experience the satisfaction of regaining the body that you had before pregnancy.

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