Choosing birth control is a very personal decision. Of the many choices with our gynecology services when it comes to birth control, one choice that puts you in charge is the diaphragm. A diaphragm is a shallow silicon cup that gets inserted in the vagina to block the sperm from reaching the egg by covering the cervix. Usually used in conjunction with spermicide, a diaphragm is safe effective and convenient.

How to use a diaphragm

Before inserting your diaphragm put about a teaspoon of spermicidal gel in to the cup, and put a tiny bit of the gel around the rim of the cup. Never use petroleum jelly or oil based lubricants and it will damage the diaphragm it and it will lose integrity. While lying down, squatting or with one leg up on a chair, use one hand to fold the diaphragm in half and insert the diaphragm into your vagina aiming for your tailbone and use one finger to push the front rim of the diaphragm behind the pubic bone. Make sure the diaphragm covers the cervix completely and does not move when you cough or squat.

Your doctor can help you with any questions or concern you have with your new diaphragm. If you need an appointment to get fitted for a diaphragm, call Solace Women's Care to schedule your appointment.

Gynecologist Diaphragm Fittings

Diaphragms are always prescribed by a doctor. After being fitted and examined to ensure the proper use, size, and vaginal health are all in place, Solace Women's Center can fit the diaphragm and write the prescription the proper diaphragm and make sure to coach the first timer through inserting and removing the diaphragm properly as well as care and storage. To ensure proper usage, the user needs practice inserting and removing the diaphragm.

With the changes to health care you may be covered for no-cost contraception. Contact Solace Women's Care to sort out benefits and co-pays and find out what you're covered for under your health care plan.