Solace Women's Care offers a full range of contraception as part of our gynecology services because we know that family planning is not one size fits all. One option is permanent birth control and Essure is the only permanent birth control you can get with a nonsurgical procedure. There's no need to worry about an unplanned pregnancy with Essure. The procedure is completed in about ten minutes right in your doctor's office. It is non-hormonal and with a recovery time of only a day or two you can be back to your life in no time. It is over 99% effective and approved by the FDA. Remember you must continue to use back-up birth control until you receive confirmation that Essure is working.

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No Incision Sterilization

Traditional tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that involves cutting to the body. If you're looking for permanent birth control but without the incision there is a non-invasive female sterilization. Your doctor places a tiny insert into your fallopian tubes through the vagina, cervix and uterus. This stimulates your body's own tissue to grow around the insert in the fallopian tube effectively blocking the tube and creating a barrier to pregnancy.

It can take up to three months for the tissue to block the tube and during that time it is important to use back up birth control. Remember this procedure is not reversible and should be considered permanent.

Non-Surgical Birth Control for Women

For over five years Essure had been trusted by hundreds of thousands of women to create a natural barrier that works with your body to prevent pregnancy. The procedure can be done in your doctor's office without anesthetic and in about ten minutes. Many insurance providers and programs cover Essure, and without surgery, hormones or down time, it is a safe and effective permanent method to prevent pregnancy.

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