Hope Restored For Your Intimacy

Hope Restored For Your Intimacy

Conroe TX OBGYN That Treats Intimacy Issues

“The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope.” –Samuel Johnson

Sexual intimacy is a gift. If sexual intimacy is no longer pleasurable for you, and more of a pain, you may be suffering from multiple levels of pain.

Pain of Loss of Pleasure

Sex is meant to be pleasurable and an intimate gift shared by lovers. If you’ve lost the pleasure related to sexual intimacy you might be experiencing a fear that that pleasure may never be restored.

Physical Pain

If your sexual intimacy comes at a physical loss due to pain, then you are always faced with the weighted decision of whether or not the pain will be worth the experience for each of you! The physical pain may possibly be due to:

Emotional Pain and Disconnect and Misunderstanding With Your Lover

Sexual intimacy has more to do with just a physical connection; it also connects you emotionally with your partner. If you’re unable to achieve that connection due to painful barriers of your sexual intimacy, that emotional connection may be broken or misunderstood. Confusion may arise.

If your intercourse continues to be painful even after the use of lubricant, it is recommended that you contact Solace Women’s Care to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to discuss your potential causes and treatments for intimacy issues. We’re here for you to restore your hope that you can have pleasurable sexual intimacy again!

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