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Women's Wellness Exams


An annual exam as part of your regular gynecology services is important to your health. Preventative care is the best line of defense of against more serious illness and allows for early detection of many types of cancer. If it has been more than twelve months since your last exam, call Solace Women's Care to schedule an appointment.

An annual exam is a general health check that includes a pap test and a breast exam. You can also expect a pelvic exam and a general update of you current medical needs and an evaluation of current medication and immunizations. If you have additional concerns outside of your routine yearly check up, call your doctor to discuss your concerns.

Gynecology Exams

A pelvic exam is standard during annual check ups. The pelvic exam is used to looks at the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, rectum, and vulva. Pelvic exams are performed when a woman is pregnant, when a doctor is looking for infection, when there is pain in the lower back or pelvic area, as well as at the annual exam. In additional Pap test is performed at an annual exam. It's best not to douche or have sex for forty-eight hours before the exam. A Pap test involves the doctor using a small brush to collect a few cells from the uterus for testing.

Evaluation/Treatment of Menstrual Problems

Approximately nine to thirty percent of reproductive aged women have menstrual irregularities that require medical evaluation. Most menstrual cycles occur every twenty-two to thirty-five days. Normal cycles last three to seven days with the most blood loss occurring in the first three days. Patients with menorrhagia lose twice as much blood as a regular flow and develop anemia. There are a number of treatments both surgical and medical that can treat menorrhagia. Contact Solace Women's Care to discuss these treatment options and to see if you are suffering from menorrhagia.


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