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Women's Health Specialist

Solace Women's Care -  - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Solace Women's Care

Obstetrics & Gynecology located in Conroe, TX

Farly Sejour, MD, FACOG, and the skilled medical staff at the Solace Women’s Center have ample experience in treating the unique and specific health concerns of women. From preventive care to prenatal care and robotic-assisted surgery, Dr. Sejour determines the best course of treatment and provides top-quality care for women from Conroe and the Woodlands, Texas, and the nearby communities. You can feel comfortable discussing your sexual wellness and even your most intimate concerns with the compassionate professionals of Solace Women’s Center. We serve patients in Conroe, Tx along with The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Willis, and Montgomery. Start with a consultation and call or click to schedule today.

Women's Health Q&A

What is women’s health care?

Women’s health care is specialized medical care designed to diagnose, care for, and treat conditions affecting women. Women’s health care involves preventive care aimed at certain chronic diseases, lowering disease risks, and identifying any abnormalities or signs of disease through various effective testing methods, such as Pap smears and STD testing.

What is a Pap smear?


A Pap smear is a test for cervical cancer that involves collecting cells from your cervix – the narrow, lower end of your uterus at the top of your vagina. Detecting cervical cancer early gives you a better chance of successfully treating it.

A Pap smear allows Dr. Sejour to detect changes in your cervical cells that suggest cancer might develop in the future. He usually performs your Pap smear in conjunction with your pelvic exam and might combine it with a test for human papillomavirus (HPV), since HPV can cause cervical cancer.

Dr. Sejour can help you decide if you’re due for a Pap test. Generally, Pap tests are recommended beginning at the age of 21 and repeated every three years until the age of 65. If you have certain risk factors, such as the HIV infection or a previous diagnosis of cervical cancer or precancerous cells, Dr. Sejour might recommend a Pap test regardless of your age.

What is menopause?

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s fertility and menstrual cycle. It’s diagnosed following 12 months without menstruation. In the United States, 51 is the average age for menopause.

Menopause is a natural biological process, but for many women, it can come along with a range of uncomfortable symptoms that can negatively impact quality of life, such as:

  • Irregular periods
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Hot flashes and chills
  • Night sweats and disrupted sleep
  • Mood changes
  • Weight gain and slowed metabolism
  • Thinning hair and dry skin


Every woman experiences menopause differently and may have varying degrees of symptoms or hardly any symptoms at all.

What women’s health services are provided?

Dr. Sejour provides an array of services depending on your needs, including:

  • Menopause treatments
  • Pap smears
  • Pelvic exams and checkups
  • Prenatal care
  • Obstetric services
  • High-risk obstetrics
  • STD testing
  • SculpSure body contouring for fat reduction


Dr. Sejour treats a number of conditions, including painful, irregular, or heavy menstruation, abnormal pelvic pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and vaginal infections.

From teen gynecology to prenatal care and contraception, Dr. Sejour is here to address your concerns and improve your health and quality of life. Call the office today.