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As young girls grow into teens, it is important to keep up with their developing bodies and to make sure they have the appropriate gynecology services to keep their bodies healthy. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommends a first gynecological visit between the ages of fifteen and sixteen. Usually, this visit includes an external exam with internal exams not beginning until after intercourse or at age twenty-one. A pelvic exam might be necessary sooner if unusual secretions or painful periods present sooner.

Explaining the importance of the visit and addressing and any fears or concerns will make the visit more comfortable and start teens off healthy and happy. Explaining preventative care is important and these visits will lead to information concerning safe sex and reproductive health, prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and treatment for any issues that may arise.

HPV Vaccination

HPV is a common virus affecting more than half of sexually active people in their lifetime. There is a vaccine that protects against the virus with a series of three shots given before a person becomes sexually active. Some strains of HPV are transmitted sexually and are known to cause cervical cancer. It is now recommended that both boys and girls receive the shots to keep them safe in the future.

OB/GYN Adolescent Care

On a teenager's first visit to the gynecologist, the doctor will likely do a regular exam and talk to her about her development, as a pelvic exam is not necessary. It is a great way for your daughter to develop a relationship with her doctor, which will suit her well in the future when serious questions arise, or a situation that might be embarrassing otherwise. While all teenage girls should see a gynecologist, it is especially important if they have problem periods or are sexually active (or plan to be sexually active).

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