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High Risk Pregnancy


There's no formal or universally accepted definition of a high-risk pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy generally involves one of two things. Either mom or baby is in danger of becoming ill or there is an increased likelihood of complications after delivery. It's a pretty broad definition and in most cases, it sounds scarier than it is. It's an umbrella term that your health care provider will use to ensure you're getting the best and most attentive high-risk obstetrics possible.

There are certain risk factors that make a pregnancy high risk. Your doctor will identify these risk factors but they can include the age or the mother. Mothers that are under seventeen or over thirty-five are considered higher risk. Mothers with a history of epilepsy or cancer, mothers who use drugs or alcohol are higher risk. Certain physical or social characteristics of women, or possible problems that have occurred in previous pregnancies increase the risk factor.

Once these risk factors have been identified your doctor will then access the degree of risk and devise a plan to keep everyone safe. High-risk pregnancies must be closely monitored and sometimes referred to a specialist. Solace Women's Care will be there every step of the way to help mom and baby stay safe and healthy.

High Risk OB/GYN

If you need an OB/GYN that is specialized in high-risk pregnancies, call Solace Women's Care. We service expectant mothers in Conroe, The Woodlands, Willis, Texas and the surrounding areas north of Houston. We offer specialized care and will be there for you as you transition into parenthood.

If you do need to see a specialist for certain conditions such as preeclampsia or preterm labor, you will see them in addition to your usual doctor and everyone will work together to keep mom and baby safe until it's time to deliver.

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