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NIPT Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing


NIPT, Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, analyzes cell-free DNA circulating in maternal blood. It is a new option in prenatal genetic screening as part of our high risk obstetrics that can be done anytime after the tenth week of pregnancy and is usually done between ten and twenty-two weeks.

How it works

Fetal DNA circulates in maternal blood. Unlike intact fetal cells in maternal blood, which can persist for years after a pregnancy, circulating cell-free DNA (ccffDNA) results from the breakdown of fetal cells clear the maternal system within hours. This technology is non-invasive and safe for baby and allows for screening that would normally be done through amniocentesis without having to extract fluid from the amniotic sac.

This test can show chromosomal abnormalities in a developing baby. It will test for Down syndrome, extra sequence of chromosome 13 (trisomy 13), extra sequence of chromosome 18 (trisomy 18), sex chromosome abnormality and Turner syndrome. It can also determine the baby's sex and blood type.

Comfortable Prenatal Testing

Today many expectant parents are looking for safe and minimally invasive testing to ensure the health of their new baby without putting the baby at risk during the tests. These new non-invasive tests offer just that with a simple blood sample from mom. This sophisticated blood test examines fetal DNA in the maternal blood stream. Currently, this sort of testing is only offered to certain women with risk factors.

This type of testing might be recommended if mom has risk factors for chromosomal conditions, is a carrier of an x-linked recessive disorder or has an Rh-negative blood type. Early detection will help you moving forward and your health care provider or genetic counselor can discuss findings with you. This test is currently being expanded and in the future will be available to more expectant mothers and possibly test for more medical concerns.

If you feel like you might be eligible and would benefit from this sort of testing, contact Solace Women's Care today to schedule an appointment.


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