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Gestational Diabetes Tests


Gestational diabetes is when an expectant mother, with no history of diabetes, has high blood sugar levels while pregnant. While we are unsure of what causes gestational diabetes, there are some clues having to do with how the placenta can affect insulin. If you're worried you have risk factors for gestational diabetes and/or are concerned about high-risk obstetrics, call Solace Women's Care to speak with someone about your concerns. Medical experts have not agreed on a single set of screening guidelines and some are saying that if you're younger than twenty-five and have no risk factors, you may not need to be tested. Others believe that all pregnant women should be tested no matter the age or medical history. Your doctor will be able to guide you in this process.

If your doctor believes you need to be screened for gestational diabetes, it will likely be early in your pregnancy. Your doctor will first evaluate your risk factors which include your BMI (Body Mass Index) or if you have a close family member with diabetes, then schedule the glucose test to test your blood sugar. If your risk is high, expect the test to be done soon, but if your risk is low, it will likely happen in your second trimester.

Gestational Diabetes Tests During Pregnancy

When your doctor schedules your initial glucose test you'll drink a syrupy glucose solution and an hour later you'll have a blood test to measure your blood sugar level. As long as your blood sugar level determined to be normal you'll move on to the follow-up test. If your blood sugar level is higher than normal it means you're at risk and you'll need a tolerance test to determine if you have the condition.

The follow-up test occurs after an overnight fast and another sweet solution with a higher concentration for the sweet solution and your blood sugar level will be checked every three hours. If two or more readings are higher than normal you'll be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. If you have questions about risk factors or testing, contact Solace Women's Care today to schedule an appointment.


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