Let Mother’s Day Remind You To Get Your Woman’s Physical Exam

Let Mother’s Day Remind You To Get Your Woman’s Physical Exam


It’s important to schedule an annual women’s physical exam, and there’s no better time to do it than around Mother’s Day. Your annual exam is a great preventative care tool you can utilize to ensure you’re around to enjoy many more days to celebrate you and your mother. Women’s physical exams are useful for early detection of more serious conditions you may have.

By booking your annual exam around the same time every year, it ensures that you will not forget when you had the last one. Missing annual exams could put you at risk for undetected lumps or irregularities in your breast tissue, which could lead to breast cancer. During your exam your doctor will look for anything unusual such as a lump, skin change or discharge. You can also do a breast self-exam at home between your annual exams as well.

Your annual exam also is helpful for detecting abnormalities in your health during your Pap test. A Pap smear is useful for detecting cervical cancer and pre-cancers in your cervix. These cells, if left untreated may become cancer. It’s important to know that most health insurance plans will cover your Pap test or cervical cancer screening at no cost to you. If you’ve had your cervix removed and you do not have a history of cervical cancer you typically do not need a Pap test.

Annual exams are crucial for maintaining healthy sexual and reproductive health. They should not be missed. Call Solace Women’s Care to schedule your appointment today. We always strive to make your appointment comfortable and peaceful with our gynecological services.

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