Why Are UTIs Common When You’re Pregnant?

Why Are UTIs Common When You’re Pregnant?

Pregnant Woman on a Cell PhoneIf you are pregnant, congratulations! You are about to enter into one of the most exciting times of your life! You're about to unite with that snuggly baby that's been forming in your womb, and it's the most wonderful feeling for expectant parents.

However, if you're pregnancy has you feeling not just right, you may have something common to pregnant women, a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is a bacterial inflammation in your urinary tract. If you're pregnant, you're at a higher risk for a UTI between the weeks of 6-24.

Here's Why

When you're pregnant, changes occur in your urinary tract that prevent normal function of your bladder. As your uterus grows its heavier weight can interfere with the proper drainage of your urine from your bladder. Your uterus is above your bladder, so when it grows it puts pressure on the bladder. If your bladder cannot fully drain, it can cause an infection to grow in it.

How Do You Know If You Have A UTI?

There are common symptoms of a UTI, but the only sure way to detect if you have a UTI is by getting a urinalysis and a urine culture. Other possible symptoms may include: painful and more frequent urination, blood in your urine, cramping, fever, painful sexual intercourse or pain in the area of your bladder.

If you're pregnant and experiencing any of these types of pains or symptoms, contact Solace Women's Care today.

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